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Memento Morrison

Vorderseite für Memento Morrison

Teilnehmer: 1 Spielleiter, 3-5 Spieler


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After his heart stops on a psychedelic trip, the rockstar, shaman and Club 27 member, Jim Morrison, must find acceptance of the inevitable. A scenario about changing life-narratives with imagination.

Jim Morrison is a talented but haunted young man. A celebrity, a husband, and a deeply spiritual person. His heart has just stopped and the microverse in his head is falling apart.

During this semi-live scenario you can (re)visit the important stages of his life. It is not required to have any detailed knowledge about him. Memento Morrison is not about historical accuracy or realistic portrayal. It’s about one’s final self-judgment. It explores topics of life narratives & personal death. How many times did you fantasize about what you should have done?

In every scene one of you plays an aspect of his personality trying to find answers to his dilemma. The others can play secondary characters, hallucinations and unconscious elements. The game mechanics help you to repeatedly replay memories to alter its outcomes, to bend the rules by opening the gates of perception, and to create Morrison’s unwritten swan song. The mood ranges from fatalistic & brooding to dreamlike & gambling.

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