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Summer Lovin’

Vorderseite für Summer Lovin’

Genre: Novellescenarie
Teilnehmer: 1 Spielleiter, 6 Spieler


✏️Trine Lise Lindahl
✏️Elin Nilsen
✏️Anna Westerling
🎨Jonas Trier


PDF Szenario [Englisch] (1,2 MB)


En festival. Seks unge mennesker. Tre par. I toget og bilen hjem bliver der fortalt anekdoter om, hvad der skete bag nedlynede teltflapper. Tell me more, indeed!

Sex – Awkwardness – Rock ‘n’ Roll

Three girls, three guys and the stories about who did what and with who during a big. summer music festival. We will get the story as told by the girls, as told by the guys and then finally played out as it really happened. It’s summer lovin’ and tell me more.

This scenario is not about finding your perfect partner, having amazing sex right away, and living happily ever after. It is a scenario about the uncomfortable hook up in the tent, the grass in the ass, and the poor communication which leads to it all being awkward. But also about the nice feeling of making out, the thrill, the hope of something more, the fun and the laughter.

What really happened during the festival? How did the dead gorgeous guy you hooked up with turn out to be your crappiest lay ever? Or how did you end up in the caravan with the girl you’ve wanted for several years, even though you shouldn’t have been there in the first place? At least according to your partner.

Sex is a the main theme of this scenario, but you will not get physical with the other players above holding hands. Then the scene will be told thought storytelling down to every nitty, gritty detail, both physically and emotionally.

Just tell me more!

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