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Knutpunkt (2018)


Ort: Scandic Star Lund, Schweden
Datum: 15. - 18. März 2018

Teil von: Knudepunkt

Über den Kongress:

Dear participants and co-creators of Knutpunkt 2018.

For the past year, your humble and devoted program group have been working hard in the attempt of putting together a great program for this year’s Knutpunkt. This has been an inspiring, exhausting, frustrating (mostly because of the fact that we had too many great submissions and not enough time or space for them all in the actual program), enlightening and amazing journey.

We are so glad that we now get to share this with the rest of you, as well as extremely excited to finally get to experience all of the program items our brilliant program hosts have been planning and preparing all this time.

During this process, we have been aiming to keep this year’s theme - shuffling the deck - in mind at all times. For us, this means that we have been trying to put together a diverse program mixing the “classic” Knutpunkt program items with influences from other scenes to provide some new perspectives and ideas regarding larp experiences and design.

Diversity has also been important for us in other ways, as we have aimed for a program created by people of different genders and ages, from different backgrounds, countries and parts of the scene and with a different amount of previous Knutpunkt experience.

We are especially proud of all the first time program hosts who have contributed to the Knutpunkt 2018 program. The theme of shuffling the deck is also something we wish you to keep in mind when you dive into this year’s program, and are trying to make the (almost impossible) decisions on which talks, larps, panels and workshops to go to. We want to challenge you all to attend at least one item about a subject you have no prior knowledge of, that is held by a someone you haven’t met before or that is something you wouldn’t normally attend. Our wish is that each and every one of you dare to indulge in this program with open minds and expand your horizons. If you do that, we promise that you will leave here with a whole new set of tools and sources of inspiration to further explore this wonderful and crazy world of larp. Have a magnificent Knutpunkt 2018!

All the love from your program group,
Rosalind Göthberg
Siri Sandquist
Anna Emilie Groth
Olle Nyman


PDF Programm [Englisch] (5,5 MB)
PDF Schedule [Englisch] (0,5 MB)


Creator's Fair Francesco Rugerfred Sedda Blackbox Larp
Goth court Liz Gorinsky
Jess Zimmerman
Here Is My Power Button Brodie Atwater
Erlend Sand Bruer
Ben Books Schwartz
[…]Julia Sundin
Ola Sundin
Larp for Airports Fredrik Hossmann
Michael Such
Larp me happy Michael Freudenthal
Mo Holkar
Somehow everything here looks like home Thomas Christophel LARP
The kitty debrief larp Simon James Pettitt LARP
The Quota: Border Crossing Charlie Ashby
Simon Brind
Helly Dabill
[…]Martine Svanevik
Rob Williams
Blackbox Larp


A week in Sweden Sara Zakrisson Andersson
A week in Sweden Hanna Modin
A week in Sweden Johanna Nilsson
A week in Sweden Ola Johnsson
A week in Sweden Johanna Boklund
A week in Sweden Frederik Berg
A week in Sweden Rebecka Eriksson
App Troels Thylstrup
App Joachim Dittman Jepsen
Documentation Annika Waern
Economy Erland Nylund
Graphic design Mia Häggström
Head of program Siri Sandquist
Head of program Rosalind Göthberg
Infodesk Alma Elofsson
Infodesk Frida Lindegren
Infodesk Emelie Klanac
Infodesk Nicolas Lennman
Infodesk Gustav Nilsson
Infodesk Arvid Björklund
Infodesk Carl Nordblom
IT, web and communications Andreas Markehed
Main organizer Eva Wei
Main organizer Sofie Falk
Main organizer Charlotte Brolin
On site-logistics Elin Gissén
On site-logistics Petter Åkerlund
On site-logistics Filip Andreasson
On site-logistics Rasmus Teilmann
On site-logistics Sebastian Utbult
On site-logistics Rasmus Lundholm
Organisations Studiefrämjandet
Organisations Blackbox CPH
Organisations Scandic star Lund
Photo Mathilda Hagfoss
Program Olle Nyman
Program Anna Emilie Groth
Registration system Andreas Ekeroot
Registration system Petter Karlsson
Room crawl and games Elvira Andemore
Room crawl and games Janusz Maxe
Room crawl and games Hila Grgory Meinrat
Room crawl and games Larson Kasper
Room crawl and games Jon Cole
Room crawl and games Anna Roussanova
Room crawl and games Lisa Nordemo
Room crawl and games Julia Greip
Room crawl and games Essi Santala
Room crawl and games Julie Artula
Safety host Qla Zetterberg
Safety host Daniel Sundström
Safety host Gunilla Hellen
Safety host Maria Ljung
Social Nova Norell
Social Petra Lindve
Social Elina Andersson
Sounding board + experience Martin Nielsen
Sounding board + experience Prolog
Transportation Ane Marie Anderson
Transportation Anders Berner


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