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AireCon 5 (2019)

AireCon 5

Ort: Harrogate Convention Centre, Harrogate, Vereinigtes Königreich 🗺️
Datum: 8. - 10. März 2019

Teil von: AireCon


A Darkness in Foxton End of Kings RPG
A Million Hungry Strands Quest
Absolute Beginners to the rescue Star Wars Age of Rebellion
And they mostly come at night, mostly. Dead of Night
Bring me the head of Lady Saves D&D 5th Edition
Cursed in Eternity Vampire: The Requiem
Deep Green Death Symbaroum
Degrees of Separation: A Redeemers Adventure Redeemers RPG
Det döende skeppet Nils Karlén
Kosta Kostulas
Coriolis - The Third Horizon
Dockside Dogs Call of Cthulhu (Modern)
Escape the Gellerpox Wrath & Glory
Fiasco (AirCon 2019) Fiasco
Forged in the Stars Scum and Vilainy (Forged in the Dark)
Gaddoc Rail Blades in the Dark
Going Under Cthulhu Dark
How Not to Host a Murder D&D 5th Edition
If you see Buddha on the Road Monkey RPG
In the Light of a Ghost Star In the Light of a Ghost Star (custom)
Murder in Skyway D&D 5th Edition
Newbies & Neophytes D&D 5th Edition
Outback Monkey Business Feng Shui 2
Protect & Survive - Casefile: Ripon Monster of the Week (PbtA)
Rage of the Northmen Vikingr (D6)
Sumfin Well Wicked This Way Comes Bruv! Dead of Night
The Athena Club Investigates: The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb FATE Accelerated
The Dolls Of The Fathers FATE
The Elmet Alliance Monster of the Week (PbtA) hacked for the Dark Ages
The Great Martian Tripod Race Manifold
The Italian Job Call of Catthulhu
The Last Tower Liminal
The Nightmare Switch Numenéra
The Rescue of Ethlinn Monkey RPG
The Road Kings D&D 5th Edition
The Schooling of Tomomi: New Girl In Class Manifold
The Synhamm Curse Monster of the Week (PbtA) hacked for the Dark Ages
The Thefts of Melody's Dizi Feng Shui 2
The Traitor's Lodge Pathfinder (PFS Organised Play)
The Will of Rot The Black Hack
The Yellow of Kings, the Purple of Emperors Cthulhu Dark
Tooth and Claw Wrath & Glory
Trials of Chronada
Undeadwood Dead of Night
Under the Microscope Microscope
You've Got [Clearance] Red On You! 3:16 / Paranoia Mash-Up


Bring n Buy Team Leader Tim Mercer
Commercial Director Nabil Homsi
Events Manager Nick Smith
Finance Director Ben Clarkson
Operations Director Rick Meeson
RPG Team Leader John Dodd
Show Director Mark Cooke
Ticket Desk Team Leader Jude Dodd
Tuck Shop & Library Team Leader Denise Aitken
Volunteer Manager Ann Roebuck

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