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The Smoke (2017)

Ort: The Nursery, London, Vereinigtes Königreich
Datum: 6. - 8. Januar 2017

Teil von: The Smoke: London's International LARP Festival

Über den Kongress:

First edition of The Smoke.

Pictures: No public pictures at the moment

From the website's programme page:
We’ve assembled a fantastic programme for you! In four larping timeslots in five spaces across two days, you’ll be able to try out the best of larp, in every shape and style. We’ve aimed to have about 50% larps of UK design, and 50% from visitors from other countries.

This was how we described what we were seeking from submissions: “We’re looking for a diversity of styles, to reflect the breadth and depth of UK larping – and that of our lovely overseas visitors. If you aren’t sure if your larp will fit, contact us on to discuss. We’re expecting people from traditional larp background, from theatre, from performance arts, from tabletop RPG, and everywhere else – so whether your larp is naturalistic, abstract, plot-based, emotional, Nordic-style, artistic, dramatic, or whatever; we want to see it. In particular, we want to feature larps that are engaging, accessible, and easy to play for all our participants. We want to mostly feature larps that have already run successfully: so if your idea is still in the early stages, do by all means go ahead and submit, but we’re less likely to programme it.”

Guests of honour: Nina Runa Essendrop, Siri Sandquist, Frida Sofie Jansen


Before the End: Situation Room Christopher Lamb
Lorraine McKee
Laura Mitchell
Jack Watkinson
Burning Orchid Ben Allen
Nickey Barnard
Alison Rider Hill
[…]Martin Jones
Heidi Kaye
Creator's Fair Francesco Rugerfred Sedda Blackbox Larp
Diamond Geezers Graham Arnold
Clare Gardner
Sue Lee
Tym Norris
Fremmede Nina Runa Essendrop
Christi S
Blackbox Larp
Here Comes a Candle Martin Jones
Laura Wood
Hvid død Nina Runa Essendrop
Simon Steen Hansen
Frida Karlsson Lindgren
Caroline Koren Raffnsøe
Blackbox Larp
💾 I Say a Little Prayer Tor Kjetil Edland
Kirsebær, støv, stol Frida Sofie Sterten Jansen Blackbox Larp
La Vie Bohême Muriel Algayres LARP
Love Letter Natalie Curd
Roger Gammans
Elyssia McCormick
Richard Perry
Night Café Jesper Heebøll Arbjørn Blackbox Larp
Old & Wise Jantine van den Bosch LARP
Regression Sofia Bertilsson
Elin Gissén
Gustav Nilsson
Blackbox Larp
The Baby Club Jamie Harper
Mo Holkar
David Owen
The Final Cut Liz Hayward
David Townsend
The Last Day Robin Sutton
Marysia Walczak
The Virtual Restoration Project Francis Patrick Brady
Una Hamilton Helle
Sarah Jury
Unheroes Joanna Piancastelli LARP
Winson Green Prison Rosalind Göthberg
Siri Sandquist
Blackbox Larp
🌳✋🔦👀⚽👂💨👃↗️💭 Adam James
Hamish MacPherson


Main organizer Mo Holkar
Organizer Jost L. Hansen
Organizer Dominika Kováčová
Organizer James Harper
Organizer Michael Such
Organizer Karolina Soltys


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