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Playground Magazine

Issue #3 - September 2011


PDF Playground Magazine issue 3 [engelsk] (16,8 MB)


Editor-in-chief Matthijs Holter
Editor Sanne Harder
Editor Anders Nygaard
Editor Morten Greis Petersen Fakkelskov
Editor Juhana Pettersson
Editor Jonas Trier
Editor Even Tømte
Editor Konstantin Vetlugin
Art Direction & Design Karina Graj
Art Direction & Design Thomas Sørlie Hansen
Art Direction & Design Li Xin
Front cover image Karolina Urbańska
Organization & Support Erland Bruer
Organization & Support Petter Karlsson
Organization & Support Erlend Eidsem Hansen
Print Arkan


Side 2 Editorial Larpers don’t like to think
I mean, who DOES like to think?
Matthijs Holter Text
Side 4 Porn Star Dungeons
Not your mom’s dungeons.
Juhana Pettersson Text
Zak Sabbath Illustrator
Side 6 Repairing Reality
The gospel according to St. Jane
Johanna Koljonen Text
Side 10 Gender Equality
This is a man’s (fictional) world!
Jofrid Regitzesdatter Text
Peter Munthe-Kaas Photo
Jofrid Regitzesdatter Photo
Side 16 Reclaiming The Streets
Panic on the streets of Oslo.
Matthijs Holter Text
Sigve Indregard Photo
Side 20 Nordic Larp
Those f***ers are crazy. Oh wait, they’re us.
Anders Nygaard Text
Li Xin Photo
Side 22 Things
Stuff happens!
Ole Peder Giæver Text
Side 23 Scenario Father's Role
A happy little family game.
Andrej Tokarčík Author
Tomáš Dulka Author
Bohdan Widla Photo
Side 27 Things
More stuff happens!
Ole Peder Giæver Text
Side 28 Shakespeare's System
Now you, too, can be killed in a theatrical crisis!
Matthijs Holter Text
Side 32 Things
Yeah, you guessed it.
Ole Peder Giæver Text
Side 33 Social Observance
What are those people doing?
Ally Naus Text
Karina Graj Illustrator
Side 34 Recipes For Revolution
Just add a pinch of larp.
Anders Nygaard Text
Side 38 Fabricated Realities
But a game within a game.
Matthijs Holter Text
Grace Duda Photo
Ben Robbins Photo
Lukas Myhan Photo
Side 44 The First Time I Ever Died
It probably gets old after a while, though.
Sanne Harder Text
Bjarke Pedersen Photo
Jacob Mølris Photo
Rasmus Høgdall Mølgaard Photo
Side 48 Things
Boy, there really is a LOT of stuff happening.
Ole Peder Giæver Text
Side 49 No Dice, No Table
They come from the game down under.
Michael Wenman Text

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