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Game Wrap

Volume 2


PDF Game Wrap Volume 2 [engelsk] (1,1 MB)


Editor in Chief Vik Fuzaylova
Editorial Board Vik Fuzaylova
Editorial Board Stephen Kohler
Editorial Board Brian Richburg
Editorial Board Phoebe Roberts
Editorial Board Adina Schreiber
Author Liaison Brian Richburg
Copy Editor Tegan Kehoe
Copy Editor Stacy Haponik
Layout designer Kathleen De Smet
Webmaster Nat Budin


Side 2 Editor's Note Vik Fuzaylova Editor
Side 7 Article From Bad to Better
Larp design lessons from 10 Bad LARPs
Nat Budin Writer
Side 11 Article Collaboratively Written Characters and Their Role in Creating a Successful Larp Aliaksandra Franskevich Writer
Side 17 Article Chekov's Crew
The use of adjunct crew in theatre-style larps
Stephanie Pegg Writer
Side 25 Article Constructing truth in LARP writing Xavid Pretzer Writer
Side 30 Article No battle plan survives contact with the enemy
The tension between narrative structure and player autonomy in larp
Phoebe Roberts Writer
Side 36 Article Peaky Midwest
Running a Weekend LARP Writing Workshop
Eva Schiffer Writer
Side 43 LARP Rules as written Ben Klug Author
Side 43 LARP Consensus RPG Thorin Tabor Author
Side 44 LARP Now Listen Young Lady! Susanne Vejdemo Author
Side 46 LARP The Asylum Game Susanne Vejdemo Author

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