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Fair Tidings Magazine

11 - November 1994


Editor Birgitte Vince Heuschkel


Side 1 Front page Front page
For more than two thousand years, the amphi theather has stood in the centre of the Etruscan town of Volterra, Italy...
Birgitte Vince Heuschkel Illustrator
Side 3 Editorial Hail bureaucracy! Birgitte Vince Heuschkel Editor
Side 4 The Gadgeteer-master’s Cookbook
Well, did you ever bring a prop on stage? Maybe you ought to try it, after all.
Side 6 Cartomancer
A very brief introduction to the art of divination through an ordinary deck of playing cards.
Side 12 Littera Scripta Manet
PrInciPIa DisCOrdIa!
Side 14 DELPHI downtown
Side 16 What is evil?
What is wrong with being evil? Apart from... and...
Side 17 Blessed garlic
An herb much spoken of in the fantasy game setting — but aside from frightening friends and vampires, a good deal of other powers were — and are — associated with garlic.
Side 20 The great American fantasy
A peek into the delusions widespread among gamers — also referred to, in some less tolerant circles, as ‘American Fantasy’.

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