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Operation Fallen Reich

Operation: Fallen Reich is a role playing game set in the Second World War. The heroes are a team of colourful and more or less effective British citizens with distinct personalities. They must leave their previous professions and hobbies to form secret teams with sensitive missions. Such a team may consist of a polite fighter ace, a blasé big game hunter, a dare devil fashion designer and a very understanding upper class drone. It's their task to track down and stop evil, hopefully in time for tea...


Arkeologi för odödliga   GothCon XXXVIII (2014)
Arvet på St Marys Gunnar Söderberg
Mikael Reidal
GothCon XXXIII (2009)
Arvsfiender Johan Englund
Mikael Reidal
GothCon XXXVI (2012)
Döden på Bucksley Manor   GothCon XXXIX (2015)
Is there time for a last Singapore Sling? Gunnar Söderberg
Johan Englund
Mikael Reidal
GothCon XXXV (2011)
Mord, Mysterier och Midshirebor Gunnar Söderberg
Mikael Reidal
GothCon XXXIV (2010)
Under ytan Mikael Reidal GothCon XXXVII (2013)

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