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King Wen’s Tower

Genre: Action, Drama
Deltagere: 1 GM, 4 spillere


✏️Emily Care Boss


At the end of the Warring States period in China, a bloody countdown has begun. Leaders of six kingdoms stand against the power of the Qin [pronounced "chin"] nation, the ruthless juggernaut that eventually unites China. One by one they are lost.

Players take the role of statesmen, philosophers, engineers, or generals ranged against the GM as the Qin. Jockeying for advantageous position, uniting against the common foe or embracing their doom, with each round of play one or kingdoms two are eliminated and their players join the Qin to crush those remaining. The order of eliminations are determined through the placement of tiles in a brief mechanical interlude that will frame the battle scenes. No dice.

This game is a tragic love letter to lost kingdoms of China. It is about the loss of peoples and ways of life. And about the petty squabbles and fears that play into the hands of the conqueror.

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Fastaval (2014)

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