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Aniara 2.0, A space trolley problem

System: LARP
Deltagere: 6 spillere


✏️Gustaf Esters
ArrangørGustaf Esters


PDF Gamemaster info [engelsk] (0,1 MB)
PDF Game speech text [engelsk] (0,1 MB)
PDF Basic training [engelsk] (0,2 MB)


Aniara 2.0 puts six delegates, representing the different guilds of an Exodus class UN Colony Generation Ship, in a situation where they need to cast a vote to determine the course of action on a fatally critical issue. Half of them have moral values based on utilitarian ethics and the other half has a duty based moral system. A majority vote is needed to avoid fatal disaster and time is running out.

The players will need to figure out how the votes will fall and who can be convinced, or coerced, into voting against their own convictions, to secure a majority vote. The dire situation is further complicated by the entangled web of personal relations of love, friendship, dislike and animosity.

The game is designed to adapt to how the play develops and introduces events during the process to ensure that the pressure is constantly increasing.

Will the players be able to avoid the immediate disaster, and if so, how high will the human and emotional cost be?

Spillet på

Stockholm Scenario Festival (2021)

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