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Ropecon (2017)

Sted: Expo and Convention Centre Messukeskus, Helsinki, Finland 🗺️
Dato: 28. - 30. juli 2017

Del af: Ropecon

Om kongressen:

By gamers, for gamers since 1994

Ropecon is the largest non-commercial role-playing convention in Europe. The three day event offers a diverse program schedule suitable for all ages from tabletop and live-action role-playing games to card games, miniature war games and board games. In addition to tournaments and other gaming related programs Ropecon also features lectures, panel discussions and workshops on a wide variety of topics. Two major awards, The Golden Dragon and The Deed of the Year, are presented annually at Ropecon for achievements and contributions to the Finnish role-playing game culture.

However, there is something even more essential to Ropecon than its diverse program: its atmosphere. Ropecon brings together both the enthusiasts as well as the professionals from the field of role-playing games, and many visitors come to the convention specifically to meet old friends and get to know new people. The more experienced visitors know that if you want to find great people to play with, Ropecon is the place to be.

Ropecon is organized entirely by volunteers. Around 800 volunteers participate in the making of Ropecon each year. The convention weekend packed with diverse program is all planned and carried out “by gamers, for gamers”. The organization behind the convention is Ropecon ry, a non-profit which aims to promote and develop the role-playing culture and the card game, miniature war game, and board game hobbies in Finland.


– Doubting Souls Monica Valentinelli Hunter: The Vigil
An Elemental Adventure! Zach Rishling The Branded (first edition)
At the Mountains of Meth Madness Jason Kramb One roll engine
Beaver Lake Horror Elina Kuisma Fiasco "Camp Death" playset
Court of last resort Denis Muravlyansky
Alexey Shkorkin
Dread Names, Red List - The Hunt for Alex Swift Matt M McElroy Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition
Drifting Pontus Andersson The Void
End of the World Petri Lautjärvi End of the World
Finding the King of the Sky Joonas Lind Slayer's Frontier (WIP)(D20OGL)
Friends in Low Places Monica Valentinelli Firefly (Cortex Plus)
Have Submarine, Will Travel Pontus Andersson FATE Fate Core (Deep Six)
Hunting the Brotherhood Jason Kramb One roll engine
In Service of The Take Timo Mustonen D&D 5th Edition
Lasers & Feelings Patrik Renholm Lasers & Feelings
Lost Stars Petri Lautjärvi USR (kinda)
Nuclear Strike: Wacky Race 2020 Patrik Renholm
On the track of a Stormcaller Joonas Lind D&D Slayer's Frontier (WIP)(D20OGL)
💾 Once Upon a Time, We Were Celebrities Di Ostrat Blackbox LARP
Prisoners of the Planet of the Apes Mauno Joukamaa Mutant: Year Zero
Pähkinänsärkijä Joonas Laakso Stars Without Number
💾 Robin's Friends Anna Westerling LARP
Shadows of Ceramath Anni Salminen D&D 5th Edition
Sleeping Under Shallow Waters Teemu Myllykangas NNRPG
So you want to be a Slayer? Timo Mustonen D&D 5th Edition
Straum Ville Takanen The Quick
💾 Summer Lovin’ Trine Lise Lindahl
Elin Nilsen
Anna Westerling
Taskmasters of the Overlord Timo Tapani
Markus Turunen
Dungeon Lords (Self made system)
Tatooine Manhunt Nikolas Bergenheim Star Wars D6 (West End Games)
The Desecrated Tomb Jason Lee D&D 5th Edition
The Domain of Quoth Jason Lee D&D 5th Edition
The Moonchase Affair Pontus Andersson Shadowrun (simplified)
The Soul Sepulchre Zach Rishling
To Fell a Behemoth Joonas Lind Slayer's Frontier (WIP)(D20OGL)
Totally improvised roleplay using Mythic GM Emulator Juho Rutila Mythic GM Emulator and Freeform Universal
Vault of the Elements Zach Rishling The Branded (first edition)
When the past catches up Kult: Divinity Lost


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