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The Lighthouse

System: Call of Cthulhu
Genre: Gyser
Teilnehmer: 1 Spielleiter, 4 Spieler


✏️Henrik Olsen


The Lighthouse was old, older than even the town at its feet, only a few hundred meters removed from the tall black rock on which it stood.

It was a symbol of guidance and a constant reminder of the seas cruel whims. I could feel the sea clawing at the rocks deep below us and the fear grew with the storm. It felt as if the fragile stone would break and fall into the churn below at any minute. I closed my eyes to drown out the whispers underneath it all. The calls where back, and with them my despair.

Taking this job had been a mistake, and death was coming. The rolling waves would carry it to us. I drank the last of the salty water but it did nothing to soothe me.

As my fear turned into convulsions and the panic attack grew in me, i saw the sudden darkness outside. The lighthouse was out. I sprung into action, pushing back the fear as I was suddenly needed. The light had to stay on. At all costs…the light had… had to… oh god.. The whispers… God help us.

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