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Hunted Down

Genre: Novellescenarie
Teilnehmer: 1 Spielleiter, 4 Spieler


✏️Andrej Tokarčík


Once a young boy, now a war hero. A successful man of action, looked up to. Still, a single moment can matter. A car crash. Ended up as disabled. Ended up as a man with two faces, just like all of the people around. Ended up as hunted down by destiny.

Hunted Down is a story about a man faced with the worst that human beings are capable of. A story about every one of us. Whether it be intolerance, hypocrisy, or manipulation, we all share the same experience of being disrespected. The game thus poses questions about the ethics of human behaviour and humanity in general. Who is guilty when the morality is under attack? Who is to be judged? And, perhaps more importantly, who is to judge? The individual, the society, or …?

To this end, the game is thoughtful, slow and employs playing with silence. It utilizes elements of retrospective and metaphoric storytelling, experiments with the degree of the players’ creative involvement. It is supposed to be artistic in content, simple and effective in form.

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Fastaval (2011)

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