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Satan has a New Name

Vorderseite für Satan has a New Name

System: Vampire: The Masquerade
Teilnehmer: 1 Spielleiter, 6 Spieler


✏️Tore Vange Pedersen


PDF Szenario [Englisch] (6,8 MB)


There should have been moans from dying and wounded soldiers. There should have been the silent sobbing of women searching for those they loved amongst the fallen. There should have been huge piles of broken and useless equipment and weapons. Instead there were two stretchers. A man and a woman lay on them, dead. A warrior stood over them. Behind him his soldiers were breaking up. The enemy army had lost their warlord. The warrior was satisfied.

"Marcus, you are the new master of the Praetorian guard!," the warrior said to a man behind him.

"Yes, milord. If it is your will!". The other man looked strangely tired and quite sad.

"It is! Now do your duty. I am the new lord of Hell. I have many new responsibilities..." The warrior turned around, facing his army. The man addressed as Marcus straightened up, "What about your wife, Jago? Shouldn't you go see her..." he began. "When the time is right. Give her my best regards, will you?". The warrior, Jago, started to walk away. He didn't get far before he turned around and yelled a command to another warrior:

"Anubis, get rid of the corpses, will you? Satan has a new name..."

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