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Continuum (2023)


Ort: Leicester University Hall of Residence, Oadby, Vereinigtes Königreich
Datum: 28. - 31. Juli 2023

Teil von: Continuum

Über den Kongress:

Our goal is to bring together the best Games we can find, of all styles and genres, in one weekend, so that you can’t help but find a game, or three, or five (or more!) that you just have to play. We are always looking for new and different styles of games, for short games, long games, small games, and bigger games. We always have a great crowd of wonderful Gamers waiting to get into character and even into costume. It doesn’t matter if this is your first experience with a Games convention or if you’re an old hand; there’s something for everyone, and we try to help newcomers fit right in. Continuum is brought to you by the Continuum Committee and friends. It’s a convention dedicated to playing great games. It’s also more than just games though! There will be vendors, parties, social get-togethers, and other Game-related events.

Continuum is organized and run by a group of volunteers, all of whom are Gamers. We welcome new people to the process.


A Funeral in Old Chicago Grims' Gangs
A New Adventurer RuneQuest Glorantha
A Quest for Power Dave Maple Call of Cthulhu 7th edition
A Surfeit of Flies The Dee Sanction
Beyond the Black Gate David Gallico Dungeon Crawl Classics level 5
Bovine Bandits Davros Mandrake D&D 5th Edition
Collision Imminent Sue Lee
Mike Snowden
Dogs in the Night Time Call of Cthulhu Cthulhu by Gaslight
Electric Dreams Blade Runner
Fight for Survival Simon Clark
Ray Hodson
First Contact Davros Mandrake Call of Cthulhu Delta Green
From Dawn ’til Dawn: Getting Ready for the Night Parade Golden Sky Stories
Gamma-Sigma 12 Those Dark Places
Ghosts ...It's not Ibsen! Fiona Lloyd
Malk Williams
Gullveig’s Wrath Mythras
Help! Not just anybody? RuneQuest Glorantha
Lolipop Lolipop Rivers of London
Luck, Death & Dreams: Belintar’s Mind-Maze HeroQuest Glorantha/QuestWorlds
Mercy on the Day of the Eel David Gallico Dungeon Crawl Classics
Party Like It’s 1993 Mark Galeotti LARP
Remembering Caroman RuneQuest
Scoundrels and Scumbags Davros Mandrake D&D 5th Edition
Shadow Under Devil's Reef David Gallico Dungeon Crawl Classics
Something is Wrong Here Jenny Dunn
Kira Magrann
Storm King’s Thunder Daryl Phillips D&D 5th Edition
The Adventure of the Ghost Knight David Elrick Pendragon
The Adventure of the Helmed Knight David Elrick Pendragon
The Charming Diversion Mark Threlfall Star Wars Edge of Empire (FFG)
The Folly of Love The Book in Yellow
The Gehenna Memo Jenny Dunn
Malcolm Harbrow
Graham Ruston
The Great Duck Point Boat Race Jane Williams Homegrown
The Long Night The Book in Yellow
The Lost Mine of Phandelver Daryl Phillips D&D 5th Edition
The Ruins of Athiss Mark Threlfall Star Wars Edge of Empire (FFG)
The Slave Pits of Scarrow Mark Threlfall Star Wars Edge of Empire (FFG)
The Sunken Barge Bones Deep
The Witch of Nine Barrows Call of Cthulhu Cthulhu Dark Ages
To live and die in the Beloti Sector Davros Mandrake Star Trek
Tower of Soot Mausritter
Tower of the Moon Nickey Barnard
Alex Helm
Alex Jones
[…]Lucinda Machell-ffolkes
Rich Perry
Trouble at t’Mill Doctor Who Adventures in Time and Space
Veterans Day Martin Jones LARP
Wherefore art thou Replicant? Blade Runner



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