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Fair Tidings Magazine

18 - August 1996


Editor Birgitte Vince Heuschkel
Layout & DTP Birgitte Vince Heuschkel
Printing Skanse Tryk
Illustrator Birgitte Vince Heuschkel
Illustrator Peter Nielsen, Esquire


Side 1 Front page Front page Birgitte Vince Heuschkel Photography and computer graphics
Side 2 Editorial Welcome to the new format... Birgitte Vince Heuschkel Editor
Side 3 Iacta est alea - and that's just too bad
Is there an ethic code as to when masters should or shouldn't cheat on the dice?
Side 5 Top 30 Things We Dont Want to Hear at a Game Convention
This is really sick, folks.
Side 6 The good old Long Sword +1 vs. Dragons: When what you get isn't what you see
A look at enchanted weapons of fantasy, and things you should consider when creating them
Side 9 Trouble in Paradise
Once again, games are accused. The anti-game monster rears its ugly head in Europe
Side 13 Liber Herbarium: Gamer's Edition
Three herbs for use in life or in the game.
Side 14 Delphi Downtown
Side 14 New future for Interactive Fantasy
The British gamer's journal leaves Hogshead Publishing
Side 15 Creating Fantasy Religions
A look at creating fantasy religions, and things you should consider in advance
Side 17 The power of the Spoken Word
What language means when you're creating a new species

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