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Fair Tidings Magazine

7 - November 1993


Editor Birgitte Vince Heuschkel


Side 3 Editorial Realms of Chaos
Are you a regular convention goer? What's worse, are you one of the poor people who arrange conventions? If so, I bow to your devotion, Skill, and most of all, your patience.
Birgitte Vince Heuschkel Editor
Side 4 That Local, Grassy Hill...
We take a look at how a historyless castle ruin can be turned into a small scenario setting...
Side 9 Steve Jackson case settled
From the CAR-PGa network: What really happened in the case we've all heard rumours of, when Secret Services took action against GURPS Cyberpunk?
Side 11 Gods on High - or was it below?
Do game deities have to be remote? Or should they be played like Marvel Superheroes with even funnier powers?
Side 16 Littera Scripta Manet
The Lives of Christopher Chant - an interesting child’s tale by Diana Wynne Jones, which opens up quite a new perspective to parallel worlds, and how they can be used.
Side 18 The City Law of Ribe
We take a look at the king’s law for the Danish city of Ribe, dated 1443, by some called the “hardest law ever in Denmark’.

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