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A Cosmic Class Reunion

System: LARP
Deltagere: 6-20 spillere


✏️Di Ostrat

The Smoke (2020), Theatre Delicatessen, 2 Finsbury Avenue, London, Storbritannien

ArrangørDi Ostrat

Tallinn International Larp Festival (2020), Dance School Koit, Tallinn, Estland

ArrangørDi Ostrat

The Smoke (2022), Theatre Delicatessen, London, Storbritannien

ArrangørRaymond Vermeulen


PDF Workshop + Game [engelsk] (0,1 MB)
PDF Cosmic world building slips [engelsk] (0,3 MB)
PDF Character building with questions [engelsk] (0,2 MB)
🎵 Pirates of Penryn - Walk The Plank [engelsk] (3,8 MB)


In the middle of chaos, dystopia and more planets and alien species than the Universe could, indeed, hold, there is this one planet, one school and class with a bunch of awesometastic individuals. One day, they graduate. They are young, they dream and hope. The Universe is their cherry to pop. They swear that no matter what, but in every ten years they will come together and have one of a hell of a Reunion.

And so it shall be… The reunion that has survived a nuclear war, birth of a new black hole and the annihilation of three planets. The reunion which is held on neutral territory with weapons put aside and arguments solved fencing with cocktail glasses and shouting or getting so wasted that all conflicts, political or otherwise, one’s own or those of others, are forgotten.

Presented by
Diana Ostrat: I’m a wannabe photographer, novelist and overall nutcase, long term game master with a background of theatre and film making.

Spillet på

The Smoke (2020)
Tallinn International Larp Festival (2020)
The Smoke (2022)

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