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System: LARP American parlor Larp


✏️Seth Fogarty
✏️Lee Foxworthy

The Smoke (2019), Theatre Delicatessen, 2 Finsbury Avenue, London, Storbritannien

ArrangørLee Foxworthy


PDF Scenariet [engelsk] (0,2 MB)


The Authority wishes to unite the territories. The Resistance, for a variety of reasons, does not. Sometimes, the forces behind what is now the Resistance have been the Authority, and the forces behind what is now the Authority were the Resistance. Both sides have been the aggressor, the conqueror, the benevolent leader, and champions of peace. Both sides have done good and evil in equal measure. The lines of moral standing are blurred, and those with any memory of history know that all sides are grey.

You and others are currently being detained in a compound for political prisoners and refugees. You are not mistreated, you are fed well, you are given all you need to be comfortable. It is the simple fact that it is safer for you to be here, then it is for you to be in the conflict zones. Safer for the Authority, or safer for you – whichever that may be. Regardless, you cannot escape, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have worth or impact in the territories, and the authority is well aware of it. When the conflict is over, most – if not all – will be released. But the conflict must end. The information the characters possess has the capability to finish the conflict, but at what personal cost to those inside?

Content Warnings: Lose-Lose choices, Restricted Agency, Religious Persecution, Emotionally Heavy.

Presented by
Lee Foxworthy (US): Lee Foxworthy is an American LARP designer and writer from Texas. From a design perspective Lee prefers LARPs with impactful decisions making and player driven story. From a play perspective Lee enjoys fantasy, boffer, and Nordic style larps.

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The Smoke (2019)

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