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Sound of Us

System: LARP
Deltagere: 6-12 spillere


✏️Victor Esses
✏️Indrė Gardauskaitė
✏️Mary-Jo Gilligan


Have you ever dreamed of being in a band? Have you stopped to take stock of your values amidst all that is happening in the world today?

In a nightclub late at night a clandestine band is getting ready to jam. Their instruments are their bodies, voices and surroundings. Their set up is always under negotiation. What happens when the group spirit is tested?

Following the tradition of Nordic larps, Sound of Us explores themes of the individual and the collective; values and ideology; music and creation, and what each participant brings to the mix.

Victor Esses is a theatre maker and performer based in London. He has directed, performed in, created, written and facilitated pieces of theatre, larp, live art and games. In venues such as Arcola Theatre, Camden People’s Theatre, Old Fire Station, Theatre 503 and Albany Theatre; in cities such as London, Oxford and Vilnius, Lithuania and in festivals such as Latitude, Edinburgh and Deptford X. His work includes texts in translation, devised and interactive work that explore multiculturalism, community and belonging.

Spillet på

Tallinn International Larp Festival (2017)
The Smoke (2018)

Afviklinger derudover

Kavis, Vilnius, Litauen: Larporatory
Tallinn, Estland: Tallinn Larp Festival

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