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With my six-shooter up Rattlers creek

System: Into the Wild (West)
Deltagere: 1 GM, 5 spillere


ArrangørJörgen Bengtsson


"Pesky bank-robbers! They come into town, robbing the bank right before the paycheck to the miners are handed out. Of course! And then they burn down the saloon and the pleasure-house just to add insult to injury. The miners could take the loss of pay but never the saloon AND the pleasure-house. But then again they wouldn’t have had any money to do neither of them anyway. Bunch of low life criminals!”

”And now it’s up to me to risk my life for that sorry bunch of individuals! Not that I mind really. But when the tracks lead through Indian country, Mutant territory and will probably end up in those devilish dragon mountains. Then I’m thinking hard on hanging up the hat, revolvers, and badge.”

I turn towards the few men in the posse
-”Come on, let’s get there before dark at least! Move it”
We spur our horse and move on.

Spillet på

KryptCon III (2020)

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