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The Desecrated Monastery of Zhu Anu

System: Svärd & Svartkonst
Deltagere: 1 GM, 6 spillere


ArrangørMarkus Linderum


"High atop a frozen mountain lies the serene monastery of Zhu Anu. The pious order of monks there worship the guardian of the mountain, the great eagle-god Zhu. But recently, the already harsh weather has taken a turn for the worse and the monks have stopped visiting the small village of Ukku Zigu. The villagers fear that dark powers are at work and if Zhu is no longer keeping vigil, who will stand in the way of the barbaric frost elves, should they decide to raid the village?

Should the desire to help out the poor villagers not be enough, there is also rumors about the magical mineral of Sky Ice that the monks are supposedly hoarding in chambers under the monastery. It is said that he or she who holds a single shard in their hand, has power over life and death.

The request from the village elder is simple: Travel to the monastery and find out what happened to the monks."

Spillet på

KryptCon III (2020)

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