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Jante Love


Jante Love is a game as not special as we could possibly make it.

It is about Janteloven which first rule is “you are not to think you are anything special”.

All participants start on a pedestal and receive a card that they should keep to themselves.

They are really not proud of what the card says, even if it is “I achieved world peace” or “I can communicate with animals” or even “There is no place in my back I cannot scratch”.

This does not make them special.

So each player must convince the others that they are really, totally and exceptionally NOT special. Even if their card says “I can fly” or “I always know what to give as a present”.

If they do, they level up by going down a step or more. And the player that hits rock bottom does not win. Because that player is not special.

However, when this happens the player that is higher up and closer to the pedestal is booed by all the other players.

It is Jante Love.

Spillet på

CREATE Jam - Fall 2019 (2019)


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