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The Sleeper Awakens

System: Kult


✏️Marcus Wilmont


New York 2001, October the 21st. The city is plagued by vicious storms and the temperature is dropping fast.

You have been a regular patient of Dr. Chapman for the last 8 months. Beginning your treatment for various reasons, though mainly due to your bad dreams, and the fear that it is the starting symptoms of Dawson Syndrome, a strange new kind of disease there is plaguing the city. It's an odd form of disorder resulting in either insomnia or a very deep sleep, from which the victim is unable to awaken. Your case is very hard, and the chances of full recovery are considered a blessing.

Up until now Dr. Chapman has given you a personal treatment, but now he is going to introduce you to a few other patients of his, there is suffering of similar symptoms, suggesting a group therapy session tomorrow if any advancement is to be made. The intensity of your nightmares have been increasing over the last 6 months and have now reached unbearable heights, Dr. Chapman has told you to go visit an acquaintance of his, a Dr. Boston Beaucomb, and taking a prescription from him for relief until the group session, where Dr. Chapman hopes for a break-through. Dr. Beaucomb's clinic is a bit special as it only opens between 22:00 and 23:00, but you are on your way there now.

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