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The Black Dwarf

System: Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay


✏️Ola Rondahl


Kakril M'Biladz more known as "The Black Dwarf", on of the major crimelords of the Old World has escaped from Altdorf State Penitentiary (Jail, that is). His primary accomplice in escaping was without doubt the stupidity of the jailers. Now that he has reinstated himself as head of his criminal empire, he's going to wage was on the other criminal empires that have prospered during his absence. Reliable sources (a dead pigeon and a well-informed hot-dog vendor) has it hat he's also allied himself with the minions of the chaos god Khorne. Árbol de Goma, a well-reputed goatfighter from the arenas of Estalia, now a competitor in teh crimelord business, wants to put an end to the reign of Kakaril M'Bildz. Therefore, Árbol hires the PCs, a prostituted elven assasiness, a dwarven giant slayer that walks on his knees and a bunch of other gooty characters. Their misson is to bring Árbol the head of Kakaril and the ears and heads of his sub-organisations.

From the creator of "The Freak Farm" comes a hilarious and sometimes shocking adventure, that shakes the foundations and violates the principles on which roleplaying is based.

Spillet på

Stockholms Spelkonvent (1995)

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