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Forside til Papers

Deltagere: 2 GM's, 6-60 spillere


✏️Petter Karlsson
✏️Martin Rother-Schirren


PDF Scenario (English) (0,5 MB)
PDF Scenariet (Français) (0,6 MB)


Fast-paced – Surreal – Office

Are the people in the office happy? What will make them happy?

Papers is playful and surreal experience at a company visited by management consultants. The game caricatures corporate culture in a fast and fast-paced way, using music and rituals in a cartoonish way to energize the players. Are you ready to go from good to great?

This is totally normal. This is just something you do at the office.

Martin Rother-Schirren is a game designer and larpwright that has designed several black box larps and been involved in various gaming communities. He is a Jeeper and have worked for LajvVerkstaden.

Petter Karlsson is a larp producer and designer. He is one of the owners of pedagogic larp production company LajvVerkstaden. He is also one of the producers of the annual Swedish larp conference Prolog and The Nordic Larp Talks. He has produced and co-organized numerous larps from small to big.

Papers est une expérience ludique et surréaliste qui prend pour cadre une compagnie que visitent des consultants en management. Ce GN, qui se joue à toute allure et en musique, peut se décrire comme un dessin animé survolté rempli de rituels absurdes. En sous-texte, on y lira une caricature de la notion de culture d’entreprise. Alors, prêts à vous élever de bien à génial?

Spillet på

Stockholm Scenario Festival (2014)
Stockholm Scenario Festival (2015)


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