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The Kick Inside

Forside til The Kick Inside

System: LARP
Deltagere: 4 spillere


✏️Kristoffer Lindh
✏️Martin Rother-Schirren

Stoori (2023), Game Room, Otaniemi, Espoo, Finland

ArrangørLauri Lukka


PDF GM booklet [engelsk] (0,4 MB)
PDF Players booklet [engelsk] (0,5 MB)
PDF Floorsheets [engelsk] (0,1 MB)


The Kick Inside and The Dreaming are two parallell larps about four friends: Agnes, Marcus, Olivia and Thomas. Each of the two games follow the persons through three stages in their lives. Major themes are identity, choice and acceptance and how we cope with changes.

The Kick Inside is a game about parenthood and finding meaning and identity in the different stages in life. The Dreaming is a game about how we are formed by our parents and how our upbringing resonates through our lives. Both games share the same dramaturgical structure.

Everything takes place in a cabin in the woods. The outline of the cabin is marked on the floor with tape. The game is broken down into four acts. Each act handles the concept of parallell time differently.

Identity – Choices – Acceptance

The Kick Inside explores different stages in life. We get to meet Agnes, Marcus, Olivia and Thomas as teens, in their mid 30’s and when retirement is getting closer. The three stages are played in parallel, using different techniques for communication between the different stages.

Even though there is room for sadness and darker themes, the game is designed to explore positive feelings of love, friendship and hope. Central themes are identity, choices and acceptance, the longing for children and coping with things that don’t go according to plan. Who am I and what choices do I make in life? Who do I choose to love and why?

The Kick inside is not a game of big drama. Instead, it focuses on nuances in relationships. Drama is achieved through connecting with your character rather than through dramatic events. The entire game takes place in cabins that are curiously alike.

Spillet på

Grenselandet (2012)
Stockholm Scenario Festival (2013)
Be-Con (2018)
Stoori (2023)


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