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Voice of Isha

System: Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay Dark Heresy 2.0


✏️Niels Jacobsen


Melida stood alone, her runic armour humming quietly along with her thougts. Even though her kin was waiting, not four meters away, she felt alone. She threw the runes on the ground and they floated up into her field of view. The afliction on the human world of Braxia 7 was still raging out of control and the actions of her people had not done much. The great enemys hand was in it and the fate was clear, only one of Ishas cures could stop it, and that was why she was here on this barren shell of what was once a maiden world.

Legend told of a temple where the voice of the godess could be heard and the cure be found.

She knew the journy would be dangerous, deadly even, but if the afliction was not stopped, the human world would fall and from there, the forces of chaos could touch one of the secret maiden worlds.

She sighed and joined the group of Aeldari warriors, and together they ventured into the empty temple.

Spillet på

ChopCon (2019)

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