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Life on a String

System: Blackbox Larp
Deltagere: 8 spillere


✏️Jantine van den Bosch


Life on a String (NL) by Jantine van den Bosch is a larp about a group of friends, where one of them are going to die. How does this affect their relations? In this larp, thin, fragile strings to symbolize the relations between the characters. In this non-verbal LARP, you will experience the warm and tight connection of a group of friends, moving along in a web of self created relation strings. This bound will be tested when one of the friends is soon to die. A larp about friendship and grieve, set in an abstract, theatrical black box.

A group of friends. They have been friends for ever, made it through puberty, started their own families, but remained friends. But then, one of them is soon to die. How do you let that friend go, and how will it affect the bond that the rest of you share?

An abstract game, with music and a landscape formed by strings, in which you will connect with others in a very different way. Touching and intense.

Content Warnings: death, close physical contact, no speaking.

Presented by
Jantine van den Bosch (NL): Jantine is a theatre maker and has written high impact shortlarps. By the use of theatre techniques and her own experience as an actress, she delivers games that will stay with you for a long time.

Spillet på

Grenselandet (2015)
The Smoke (2019)
Grenselandet (2019)

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