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A Long Way Home


✏️Maryia Karachun
✏️Zhenja Karachun
✏️Volha Rudak
✏️Nastassia Sinitsyna
✏️Tatsiana Smaliak


You live in the world where emotions do not exist anymore. You have no recollection of any feelings that you might have had once. Nor do you remember any relationships you were in. Your life is mechanical and mundane, wrapped around a constant routine. You are always busy. Always in a hurry. Always surrounded by people. Yet you never connect with them. You are always alone deeply in your thoughts.

Today you are sitting in the cafe by the train station waiting for the next train. The waiter comes and offers you a menu. Yet, instead of usual food you are being offered various emotions to choose from. By picking one, you are able to feel again and to connect with other people in the cafe. The emotions bring memories of your previous experiences, of your first love, first betrayal, first lost… Memories totally overcome you: some of them bring you joy, others make you feel miserable.

Spillet på

Grenselandet (2015)
Grenselandet (2019)

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