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The Hospitality

Forside til The Hospitality

Deltagere: 1-3 GM's, 5-30 spillere


✏️Tova Gerge
✏️Ebba Petrén
✏️Gabriel Widing


PDF Scenariet [engelsk] (0,4 MB)
PDF Choreocracy [engelsk] (10,7 MB)
PDF Props [engelsk] (0,2 MB)
PDF Spilpersoner [engelsk] (0,6 MB)
PDF Scenariet [fransk] (0,2 MB)
PDF Spilpersoner [fransk] (0,1 MB)
PDF Formulaires [fransk] (0,1 MB)
PDF Choréocratie [fransk] (2,8 MB)
PDF Choix [fransk] (0 MB)
PDF Badges [fransk] (0 MB)


Collectivity – Humour – Space

The Hospitality is a spaceship leaving earth with a group of travelers that share and shape each others destiny together. It is a philosophic story with a touch of sci-fi that happens in a choreocracy – a society where decisions are made through collective movement in space. The choreocratic society decides to initiate a cosmic movement, a travel in space that might never end. Will the travelers ever return home, and who will they then be?

The Hospitality is not only a spaceship, but also a game in the space around gifts, loss and collective action. Instead of asking “what do I gain from this?” or “What’s in it for me?”, this game aims for a logic where questions like “What do I lose from this?” can be asked in a humoristic, collectivistic and empowering way. The space travel with The Hospitality explores collective choice and the love in making decisions together.

Tova Gerge, Ebba Petrén and Gabriel Widing are game makers and members of the performing arts collective Nyxxx. We aim to produce games that also non-players can play, and to challenge traditional theatre through letting the audience go centre-stage and experience the work from within.

Spillet på

Stockholm Scenario Festival (2014)
Grenselandet (2015)

Afviklinger derudover

15. - 17. maj 2014, Gothenburg Dance and Theatre Festival, Sverige


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