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System: Systemløst
Genre: Fantasy
Deltagere: 1 GM, 3-6 spillere


✏️Sean Sebastian Munk Nielsen


In a world far from ours, there are a people who depends on magic, both in the physical form of objects and in the raw, untamed form of spells. Without magic, the world and its population will surely die.
A lot of strange things have occurred since the hills appeared.
- A mystic lord has begun his campaign, and are now saving the common people from the Zarlom empire’s elite troops. The Lord have shown greater magic abilities than possible for any normal living person in this world, and your reports suggest that he is experimenting on his enemies.
- A vampire have shown her face in the forest at south, and nobody, not even the Great Champion of the realm could defeat her in direct combat.
- A new adventurer have shown his face, as all, he started in the lowest ranks of adventurer, but in the matter of 4 days, he managed to climb the ranks to the top 10 adeventurers. Is he the famed legendary Adamantite adventurer?

Concept of characters: you are a group of 3-6 ordinary people, each with one of the common abilities of either magic or martial arts. You are out investigating the strange occurrence of the hills at west, and the new beasts that have shown their faces in the area.

Spillet på

ESFROAG (2018)

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