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System: Nechronica
Deltagere: 1 GM, 4 spillere


✏️Kamiya Ryo


Roleplay originally written by Kamiya Ryou, translated to English by fans in 2017.

Remnants of humanity, innocent memories that wander the remains of the forgotten world. Those reborn into this desolate land only exist to serve as pawns in a grotesque, twisted game played by unseen puppeteers. These Dolls are forced to do battle with each other, while trying to hold onto their last shred of humanity in the hopes for a brighter future.

A century ago, the Final War ended all life on Earth.

When life ended, however, death died with it too – and not even the Necromancers, the ones who exterminated life and raised the dead to fight, have found rest. To dull the slow passing of the eons, they have created beings known as Dolls – servants, toys and puppets made in the half-adoring image of innocence long lost, sent to break themselves against the hell their creators have made for themselves. Some Dolls, though, hold on to precious memories and fleeting friendships, hoping that they will not be dashed to dust like so many before them – that there's a new world or a truth beyond the wastes filled with the howling dead.

Only time will tell, and time is all that's left. This is Nechronica – this world's long, long sequel.

Spillet på

Fastaval - Otto i Eventyrland (2018)

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