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The Stories We Tell

System: Blackbox larp
Genre: Gyser
Deltagere: 5 spillere


✏️Nicolai Strøm Steffensen


Five kids are on a mission to slay The Big Evil and find their missing friend. What starts as a magical adventure soon turns scary when the group of friends are caught outside in the rain.

At first a bit of rain won’t stop them on their mission, but when the weather turns into a thunderstorm and darkness sets, doubt strikes. What is more important; finding your best friend or getting home safely?

And what was that? The Big Evil couldn’t possibly be real, or could it?

5 players will take the roles of the group of children and together tell the tale of how a magical journey turns dark and gritty. With the assistance of light and sound the mood will be created and slowly turned scarier and scarier.

Spillet på

Blackbox Cph VII (2018)

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