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JackPoint: I Am in Way Too Deep

System: Shadowrun
Genre: Action, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Deltagere: 1 GM, 4-5 spillere


✏️Christoffer Brun Jensen


Welcome back to JackPoint, Chummer:

Hey Chummers, the name is Oban Tails. People know me as shadowrunner, infobroker, fixer, anarchristand for some Leader of a Guild. But tonight I am your Mr. Johnson, and no I am not him from the Arcology.
It is always as they say. The less Mr. Johnson tells you, the more of a pain the job will be. Why do I say that?
Because right now I got someone close to me on a job they should not. Now they have gone awall. I need a Team who can find her, bring her home safly and figure out what the drek happend. Tif team is up and ready for doing the right thing. Meet me at Dragons Grill tonight at 10pm and I will give you the rest of the info.

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FE Con (2017)

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