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We Åker Jeep - the Larp

System: Blackbox larp
Genre: Komedie
Deltagere: 1 GM, 5 spillere


✏️Charles Bo Nielsen


Think Improv theater turned up to eleven. You play all of the family members of a disfunctional and emotionally unstable family, going on their annual vacation trip to southern France. Mom, Dad, two kids and our teen girls boyfriend with us. This is fast paced comedy.

Beyond being a relatable family drama, We Åker Jeep is a larp with a lot of meta techniques and larp tools. Be prepared to get a lot of ideas thrown at you and franctically run around the room to grab them all as you swap characters, vita wrap the steering wheel and try to keep the family moving forward to their favourite summer location. All the techniques are meant as a parody on meta heavy larps, so it goes way over the top and gets very silly, very fast.

Spillet på

Black Box Horsens (2017)

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