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Remember Me

Genre: Gyser, Sci-Fi
Deltagere: 1 GM, 4-5 spillere


✏️Nanna Knak Sondrup


An early cold morning in October in the year 2099, a women's body was found. At the exit of a sewer, an arm was visible sticking out between bars. People passing by on their morning routine, saw the abnormality and notified the police. It was not and unusual event that a body was found in sewer, so the local police department took care of it. She was missing her legs removed as if it was done by a surgeon, but it was first when they identified the body, that the special agents was called. It was Amy Pears, a very popular local politician with a lot of power and strong network. The special agents was called in and got immediately access to use the TK-85 neural activity scanner.

Spillet på

Sagacon 4 - A Convention to Kill for (2016)

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