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Sunfall Metro

(AKA: Sunfall 2016)

System: LARP

Arrangeret af

Lost Ideas Denmark, European Larp Federation & Rollespilsfabrikken


ArrangørSebastian Böiken


The Vision for Sunfall Metro

A post-apocalyptic role-playing game, set in a dark dystopian future where the world we know of has come to an end. At Sunfall Metro we aim to create a roleplaying experience, that will help you play out interesting, beautiful and horrible stories. Sunfall Metro is set in the city of Nova, a slum city, where even the rich are living tough and dark lives.

We want to create
with you, a world of sickness, corruption, where the light shines very rarely and doing good is a forgotten tradition. To create this world, we want to apply three frameworks to the game design.

These three things
Are important that you as a player think in to your character and in your groups, these are the most important core values of Sunfall Metro.

1: We want the game to feel real with rules, costumes, scenography and atmosphere that works together to further the realism and mood of the Larp. What you see is what you get !

2: We want it to be a dark and grim world, where death and despair is aways near. In this world, corruption, disease and radiation makes it a tough and dark place to live!

3: We want to create a world where you can explore a story that you find interesting, be it exploring a job, faith, love, hate, despair, disease, or any other theme that fits the game!

To support these frames we will make rules, communicate with you as players and groups, post inspirational material, and give you information that you need, practical and inspirational.


6. - 10. juli 2016, Værftshallerne, Helsingør, Danmark


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