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This Miracle

Forside til This Miracle

Deltagere: 3 GM's, 6-9 spillere


✏️Nick Fortugno
✏️Lizzie Stark


PDF Scenariet (0,3 MB)


How do religions emerge over time, and what do they mean to the faithful? This Miracle explores religion and its place within human society with storytelling, roleplaying, and arts and crafts.

During the first part of This Miracle, players work in small groups to build a set of religious myths, ceremonies, and artifacts* that are swapped from group to group to simulate how religions emerge over time. During the second part, participants enact the new religion as characters undertaking a religious pilgrimage. During the pilgrimage, they will try to work out their personal dilemmas through interacting with the divine.

In this game, you will portray an archetype, and a character that draws from that archetype. You’ll also have to opportunity to make cool stories and cooler ceremonies, unleash your inner child with some craft projects, and consider how religion can be transformative.

This American freeform game incorporates elements from Fastaval-style freefrom, US indie storytelling games, and Norwegian Larpfactory-style larps. It is a game about storytelling, spirituality, and how on the journey toward self-discovery, you are never alone.

*Afterwards, these artifacts will be displayed as part of a larger pervasive game

Spillet på

Fastaval - Dia de los Fastos (2015)


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