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Before and After Silence

(AKA: Innan och efter tystnaden)


✏️Matthijs Holter
✏️Fredrik Hossmann

Tallinn International Larp Festival (2016), Ehitajate tee 82, Tallinn, Estland

ArrangørLea Kirotar


Before and After Silence is about limitations and listening, and about doing almost nothing. It is non-verbal and uses silence as its starting point. It is about shifting the point of view from “what is” to “what is not”, about shifting the focus from “the sounds” to “the spaces between the sounds”, from “the actions” to what is “between the actions”, and to “what is not done”. Rather than playing characters, we examine how we look at ourselves and how different filters changes how we see ourselves and others. We ask you to explore that silence, and to see how you can shape it. Seek to use silence as the point of origin for your actions, or as the frame surrounding your being. You should attempt to exercise restraint and doing nothing until you have to let it go.

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