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The Venetian Tragedy

Forside til The Venetian Tragedy

Deltagere: 4-6 spillere


✏️Jason Morningstar


PDF Scenariet [engelsk] (11,1 MB)


The Venetian Tragedy is a game about lust, cruelty, madness and revenge. Designed to emulate Elizabethan and Jacobean revenge tragedies, it is a game that thrusts players into the roles of flawed characters with terrible agendas – in some cases, truly unspeakable agendas. The game ends when every character is dead, insane or imprisoned.

A structured freeform game, The Venetian Tragedy relies heavily on player engagement and creativity. It should appeal to players who are comfortable with lots of narrative freedom and enjoy scene-chewing drama. You might find yourself deciding whether or not to murder your own father, or if true love is more valuable than the welfare of an entire kingdom. You may find your deepest secret betrayed to your worst enemy, or have poison poured in your ear as you sleep. You will certainly die, or go mad, or be locked away forever.

The Venetian Tragedy is a game for between four and six players. There is to Game Master, but a player comfortable with the rules is useful as a facilitator. A complete game should last about three hours.

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Fastaval (2011)

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