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System: AD&D 2nd ed.
Deltagere: 6 spillere


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Ancient shadows…
Awakened after centuries of slumber, an ancient and dangerous cult has once again risen in the kingdom of Belerius.

It has been almost one thousand years since the abberrant cult has set foot in Belerius but when a young priest of the Dark found a Chaos Remnant beneath an ancient castle ruin on a windswept rock in Black Mountain Cove, ancient wheels were set in motion…

Almost ten years ago, Azadore Scythas, a young but powerful and ambitious priest from Yadis, came to Coralport, a pirate-stronghold in the barren Black Mountains in Belerius.

Scythas was forced to leave Yadis when he was exposed as a follower of the dark god Darkiv and searching for a place to hide from the shadows of his past, the wicked priest came to Coralport where he continued his service to his dark lord.

For years, Scythas served Darkiv…first as an adventurer and later, as a powerful and influencial lordling of Coralport and its reaver clans.

Scythas grew in power, his personal strength increasing through unholy magic and his political power through his keen mind and ambitious heart.

During his days of adventuring, Scythas and his henchmen (Quarrel, Drakk and others…) came upon an old, haunted crag on a windwept and barren isle in Black Mountain Cove…

After exploring and looting the ruins and its dungeons, Scythas claimed the castle and began rebuilding it.

After a few years, the castle´s foreboding and menacing shadow, was once again seen rising from the barren rock isle.

Scythas named the castle Darkwell, thus named after an inscription on a tomb found in the dungeons beneath the ancient crag on the desolate Darkwell Island…

The Darkwell Grimoire
During the Crystal Wars a thousand years ago, an Orrim archmage wrote a great grimoire of arcane lore which would become known as the Darkwell Grimoire.

Pouring all his own knowledge and the collected lore of the Orrim mages into one tome, exposed is mind to the full scope and power of the Chaos Crystal.

The visions of horror and grotesqueness drove the archmage insane and he eventually became the lich Darkwell (the true name of the archmage has been lost to the Ages)

Travelling throughout the world, Darkwell eventually settled on a small, desolate rock-island in Black Mountain Cove where he erected Castle Darkwell.

Unbekownst even to the lich, the site of Castle Darkwell held a horrible secret….deep within the rock of the isle, a crystal shard lay hidden, awaiting the time, when it would be discovered and brought to the surface…

The lich Darkwell existed for almost three hundred years after the fall of the Orrim Empire, his knowledge and power growing with each new decade which went by but eventually, even the mighty lich was hunted down by his enemies and vanquished, his mighty Grimoire hidden in the bleak dungeons of Castle Darkwell…

Throughout its existence, Castle Darkwell, steeped in the insidious powers of the crystal shard, has brought madness and death to its inhabitants (including Darkwell…)…for beneath the crag, in the ancient dungeons from a time before the Orrim Empire, a Chaos remnant lingered…

In the centuries following the disappearance of the lich, Castle Darkwell became the stronghold of piratelords and evil wizards but eventually, it fell into ruin and became a haunted crag on a small, windswept rock in the desolate Black Mountain Cove, its horrible secret hidden and forgotten…waiting…

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Vintersol (2007)

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