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System: Systemløst
Genre: Sci-Fi
Deltagere: 6 spillere


✏️Mark Alliban
✏️Keith Evans
✏️Lasse Løndahl Henriksen
✏️Jhez Salin


The serenity of never-ending space enfolds you, wraps you in a feeling of security. Darkness is around you, never-ending, never-breaking. Yet at the end of the warp is another jumpgate and the increasing possibility of pirates in a gate camp on the other side. Leaving the high-sec part of Empire to go into the low security routes is never advisable – but usually highly profitable. The more dangerous, the more profitable – and the dashing Caldari rogue Tolin Dorden pilots the ship Tranquility into the most dangerous parts of the universe with ease and abandon. An abandon of care, almost.

Next to him is the silent, always watchful Minmatar Keefius Amos, his second-in-command. Dangerous when cornered, but loyal to his captain. From somewhere in the ship, the laughter of Jenina Hawke is heard clearly, while Alystra Zaronn joins in with less ease, more care. Michel-Louis listens, content to remain in the background as the more outgoing members of the crew enjoy the freedom of unfolding space.

In the shadows of the cockpit, Charles Burger rests uneasy. He dreams of whoever it is that is hunting him. His dreams, close to truth and reality, wakes him up to full alert, when the ships computergenerated voice says "jumpdrive activated".

Spillet på

Vintersol (2007)


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