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The Art of War


✏️Micky Jensen



Arming his repeating gauss-rifle for the battle never failed to make Sgt. Hellhammer flash his huge steel tusks in a broad feral grin at the cameras. And at the moment, this was what the thousands of spectators at the Mega-Dome were watching on the gigantic holoscreens suspended above them. And as always this brought the crowd to a howling frenzy of screaming and cheering, before it was drowned out by the booming voice of tonight’s announcer.
“Laadiiiiiiiies and Gentlemen! Are you ready ?!”

Reaper had just finished laser imprinting his 24mm sniper ammo. He was constantly shifting in and out of focus as his camo-screens imitated their surroundings, while loading the rounds one at a time, making sure that the microscopic crimson writings had their targets spelled correctly.
“I said … ARE … YOU … READY ?!!!!”

Rheingold was seated on the floor, eyes closed in deep meditation - body, soul and twin custom-made handguns, Ebony and Ivory, becoming one - the perfect killing machine. His awareness was extending its tendrils, and he could sense the squads movements as their adrenaline turned agitation and excitement to bloodlust.
“Tonight we are filled with pride to present to you … your ever-faithful champions, The Dogs of War..”

Tank had just sealed up his power-armor and was now mounting his unique and devastating Worldsplitter Plasma-Cannon on the shoulder. At the same time his targeting sights was calibrating vectors, buzzing from target to target, much to everyone’s usual annoyance.
“.. in the long awaited battle against the champions from the icy wastes of Chu’Luendar – The Dealers of Death!”

From the corner, a killers calm emanated on the rugged wings of heavy Cuban smoke, across the room. With more experience than anyone else in the game, he was the core of the squad, and as much a legend as the Dogs of War. With a movement as smooth as only the best cybernetics could create, Castro, the Captain of the crew, got up, sheathing his blaster and vibro-blade; “Lets bring them war, boys!”.


The cheering howls of the crowd were overwhelming as the giant blast-doors burst open, and the squad stepped into the glaring spotlights. Flare protectors instantly slid across their vision, and their targeting systems began to power up and come online.

Spillet på

Chop Con - Killer Robots (2004)

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