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How to put the geenie back in the bottle


✏️Tim Seiler


This story ends, or should I say begins at a little pub, one of those small pubs down at the harbour. It could be anywhere, but this is the one that I just happened to walk into.

I walked in, and sat down to get a beer. I looked around and saw a man, a hutled man, sitting in the corner. Nothing really special about him, except his eyes. They were burning into my back. He seemed to have a story, one that I could, should not be without. God I wish he hadn't laid his eyes upon me, but he did. He even sat down at my table and back then I didn't know better. Then he began speaking: "iii lady, I have a story that I would like to tell you... that is, if you would buy me a beer"

And I did.... I didn't know better....

Spillet på

Chop Con - Killer Robots (2004)

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