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A fair time in Köln

System: Mind's Eye Theatre
Genre: Intrige


✏️Jacob Klünder


For almost a thousand years, the Roman-founded city of Köln (Cologne) has stood as a symbol of stability in the world of the Cainites. But now, in 1230, this stability is threatened. The Ventrue prince, Gaius Germanicus, lies in torpor after being attacked by an Assamite. One of his resident two childer has claimed the throne, seemingly with the support of the other. But now, a third and much older childe has announced his arrival. And in addition, there are rumors that the prince of the nearby trading town Barstadt might be looking to expand his territory.

And as if that situation isn't tense enough, the great Midsummer Fair is about to happen. Drawing not only thousands of human travelers from most of Western Europe, this Fair is renowned for being a meeting place for travelling Vampires. Minstrels and entertainers come to show off their talents and earn money and goodwill, warriors come to test their mettle in the Cainite tourney and merchants come to talk trade.

A fair time in Köln is a Dark Ages: Vampire Live Action Role Playing scenario that uses the Mind's Eye Theater rules. Don't worry if you don't know the rules, they aren't that important. What is important is roleplaying and having fun.

The scenario has 25 pregenerated core roles that must be filled. After that, roles will be made to meet demand (and don't worry, the non-core roles will be made with just as much care as the core roles - everyone should have enough meat on their roles to enjoy the game).

Costumes are a must (though they needn't be of the highest quality), but if you don't have anything appropriate, don't despair, we can probably find something for you to borrow.

Spillet på

ForumCon (2004)

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