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The fear from above and within

System: Nephilim


✏️Kenneth Michel Jensen


"What the hell" Roy thought, and threw himself to the ground. "It looks like a bird!!!, but it can't be!!". He cursed while he was trying to dodge what two minutes ago just was a lightning. "How the hell did that happen!!", he thought. "I better get out of here", he thought, while he was trying to find some sort of cover.

Mr and Mrs Davidson looked with horror in their eyes when they saw the young man running up the alley from something that resembled a bird, but wasn't a bird. Just as the young man reached them, the bird caught up with him and in a blinding light he went up in flames and within seconds he was turned to dust and ashes.

Mr Davidson and his wife were so shocked that it killed them outright.

A few houses down a figure covered in a dustcoat was mounting his horse, while he mumbled: "The others have to know that the time has

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Con Dôme (2002)

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