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The Whims

System: Blackbox Larp


Knudepunkt (2023), Vejen Idrætscenter, Vejen, Danmark

ArrangørKajsa Seinegård


Welcome to the neighborhood!

You have just moved into your new home and it is time to start living your new life! This is a blackbox-larp strongly inspired by the game The Sims.

In this experience half of the participants play as Whims and the other half as Gamers. After half of the playtime you will switch roles.

As a Whims you will play out the actions that your Gamer is choosing for you, and also let them know how their choices make you feel.

As a Gamer you will decide the faith of your Whim by guiding them through a life path that you choose. You are the master of their life.

This game has fast pacing, big emotions and is a parody of the game The Sims.

When your life is fast-forwarded everything happens all at once.

Everyone is welcome!

No need to have any knowledge about the game The Sims or bring anything but yourself
to participate.

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Knudepunkt (2023)

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