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The annual meeting of The World Cultist's Association

System: LARP


Knudepunkt (2023), Vejen Idrætscenter, Vejen, Danmark

ArrangørDennis Joelsson


Every year the World Cultist's Association holds it's grand meeting where a new board is chosen, the old board is punished and the various member associations leave reports on what they've been up to. Important decisions are made, like who is responsible for organizing the cultist cruise and who is sacrificed to the old gods.

At his larp players will take on the roles of representatives of the worlds most secretive cults as they report in on the past year of rituals and schemes. There is an agenda to work through and presentations will be made to help usher in the next year of cultist activities. Demons might also be present with their own agendas and they’ll try their best to influence the cultists in their decision making.

You don’t need to bring anything to participate, but feel free to bring your largest hood, longest robe and most extensive cultist powerpoint if you feel like it.

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Knudepunkt (2023)

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